Company shoot for De Boer & Partners

Real estate pioneer De Boer & Partners was looking for new images for their brochures, magazines, and online communication channels. Instead of consulting another stock photo database, they decided to collaborate with Ready to Rumble.

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De Boer & Partners





Company photoshoot

Real estate pioneer De Boer & Partners strives to have personal contact and open communication with their customers. For the past few months, they have been searching for a new and unique way to promote their agency. They needed fresh and attractive images to add to their brochures, magazines, and online communication channels.

Large stock photography databases could have completed the job, but De Boer & Partners decided to work with Ready to Rumble so that they could specifically tailor their content towards their company. Our photoshoots are high-quality, unique, and set up for your particular business model.

After an initial meeting, we made up a couple of mood boards. These mood boards consisted of images, texts, and samples that are used to convey a general idea or feeling about the project. For this mood board, De Boer & Partners selected their desired locations, actors, and supplies. Within hours, we were on the road with a small team to get the pictures our client wanted. The final result was a series of images equivalent to stock images but with their own staff, own buildings, and were 100% unique.

That is the beauty of a Ready to Rumble photoshoot! Each business is so different; therefore, you cannot use generic stock images. To get your mission and voice to stand out, you need content that is like no other.

From magazines, to prints, to billboard ads, to even social media posts, our series has been used in all De Boer & Partners communication. We work closely with our client during our photoshoots. When we work together we strive to achieve an almost perfect result from the start to finish. A strong relationship with the client leads to direct input resulting in the perfect shots.