Successful online campaign for Start.VUB, the incubator for student entrepreneurs at VUB

Start.VUB is the incubator for entrepreneurial students at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. To gain more subscriptions to their unique trajectory, Ready to Rumble launched an online and offline campaign. We started with their website, visual campaign, social media strategy, graphic design, and brand awareness.

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Start.VUB – Vrije Uuniversiteit Brussel




Content creation
Social media
Graphic design


Start.VUB is the perfect organization for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to launch their own business. Recently, Start.VUB launched a new campaign and was looking to gain new subscriptions for their unique trajectory. After a couple of beers and an afternoon of brainstorming with our team, we came up with four campaign ideas to present to our client. This year’s topic, “The freshest start-up ideas first,” gave us a couple of funky ideas. And so, we finally ended up with our current campaign material.


In order to make noise and promote the whole project, our first job was to start re-thinking and rebuilding the Start.VUB website. After a few design tweaks and a thorough cleanup of the content they provided, we were ready to start the overarching campaign.

Social media

Together with the team of Start.VUB we set up a strategy for their social media presence. We developed customized content based on a social media template. Additionally, we made numerous visuals to promote all the digital events. The results were clear. Start.VUB’s website had 3500% increase in reach within the first 2 weeks of our campaign. And it didn’t stop there… week after week the audience began to grow.

25% organic growth on all social media platforms.

In addition to growth, the interaction rate skyrocketed as well. Within a few weeks, we had potential students apply with their ideal business in mind so that they could become part of this trajectory. Even during Covid, Ready to Rumble managed to get a full application list with eager students who were ready to launch their own start-up.

In short, we had nailed our first target for this campaign.


Finally, we delivered a successful campaign, a re-built website, and a solid social media campaign for Start.VUB. On top of that, we delivered an extra social media content calendar to the team so they could keep up their work even when our job was finished.

What a project!

At the end of this process, as with all our other projects, we provided a recap meeting that consisted of a detailed, in-depth analysis based on the target and goals for their next campaign launch.