Teaser video for Heylen Warehouses logistics campus

Heylen Warehouses, a renowned supplier of warehouses is currently building a new warehouse in Ghent. To make their target audience enthusiastic about their new project, there was a need for communication material.

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Heylen Warehouses





Commercial teaser video

Heylen Warehouses, a renowned supplier of warehouses, develops and manages future-proof warehouse solutions, used by leading international brands and companies. They always select top, strategic locations for their logistics real estate and quickly fulfill their customer needs.

As their number of locations begins to grow, there was a demand to build a new warehouse in Ghent. Heylen Warehouses made it their goal to get their target audience enthusiastic about their new warehouse creation. How did they plan to do this? Simple, through communication material.

Photography and video content are essential to create ongoing communication between customers and clients. This digital media connection provides customers with a real-life relationship to what a company is trying to offer them.

After our initial meeting with Heylen Warehouses, our team went out and produced sharp, high-quality drone photos of the new warehouse site. We also crafted a commercial video filled with animation for a more unique and personable experience!

In order for your mission or product to stand out, you need premium, original content that will stand of from the crowd. And that is exactly what Ready to Rumble does. In only a few short days, our team effectively captured exceptional images to use in various commercial videos. The result of this project was digital marketing that went way above our expectations. From the top-notch photographs to the amazing animation in the videos, the Heylen Warehouse communication material brought in numerous potential buyers for the new location in Ghent.

Ready to Rumble is determined to respond with the best technology and build long term relationships with our customers. We are dedicated to helping you construct the perfect commercial teaser video for all your business needs.

Check out the Heylen Warehouse commercial below!