TV-Commercial for De Mol and The Park Playground

Belgium’s most famous indoor VR Experience gaming center is developing a brand-new VR game to host in their venues. With venues in Antwerp, Ghent, Kortrijk, Brussels, Hasselt, Blankenberge, Breda, Eindhoven, and more, virtual reality is a gaming industry that will do anything and everything to draw players into the games and worlds they create.

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The Park Playground





The Park Playground x SBS x De Mol

Belgium’s most famous indoor VR Experience gaming center is developing a brand-new virtual reality game to host in their venues. Their latest VR experience is a collaboration with SBS (Vier, Vijf, and Zes) around the well-known TV program ‘De Mol’ in Belgium and The Netherlands.

In collaboration with SBS, The Park Playground developed an unparalleled storyline based on the real game and with a large target audience. The Park Playground goes beyond just the typical virtual reality experience. With the Park, users make decisions that contribute to the creation of a unique scenario.

From social media video to TV commercial

To promote their realization as well as their new pop-up venue, The Park Playground, and SBS, it was essential for the companies to communicate their upcoming launch. The solution? To create numerous engaging forms of social media to promote this next level of immersion in video games. The well-known cast of De Mol 2020 tested out the VR experience in Antwerp. With very short notice, our team set up and captured exceptional images to use in various social media videos.

After these social media videos took off, the question of where to go next came up. With more collaboration and discussion, we decided to rework the videos into solid TV commercials. A few days later, the tv-commercial about the new VR game played during the commercial breaks of Gert Late Night, Love Island, and other famous television shows. These all occurred on large scale networks such as VIER, VIJF, and ZES.